increase your safety & energy savings

Your front door, the focal point of the entire front of your home, the entrance way into your most prized possession and the first thing you notice when you look at any home. We understand how important the functionality, safety and character of your front door really is.

We work with local and international door manufacturers so we can offer all the options, styles, price points and characteristics you and your home deserve. Whether you’re looking for a full entrance door system comprised of French Doors, side lights and transom, a sliding glass door or a side entry door leading to the Garage, we have the ability to make your home more safe, increase your home value and enhance curb-appeal. Each manufacturer incorporates different options, styles and variations based on specific regions, climates and geographic locations. We understand there is a balance between aesthetics, performance and budgetary requirements. That’s why OHI is so passionate about asking all the right questions to ensure we have a clear understanding of all your needs and desires before any recommendations are made.

Once the perfect door has been chosen, ordered and delivered to your home, the installation process begins. Once your old door has been removed, we assess the frame work to ensure everything is structurally sound. Upon installation of your new door; we install insulation all around the frame work inside and outside your home, eliminating any chance of air infiltration or transference of energy in or out. After that, we seal both inside and outside in clear silicon. We utilize a high-grade silicon product because it creates a great buffer during expansion and contraction through our drastic climate changes here in North East Ohio. Lastly, we wrap the exterior of your entry door in maintenance-free aluminum (that matches the trim color of your home) that provides a weather-tight barrier, great curb appeal and eliminates painting or exterior maintenance. The safety of you and your family is most important to us, that’s why every door installation is completed in the same day. We make sure by the end of the day your new door is functional, safe and secure before we leave.

From our first phone call to the final walkthrough, we guarantee your experience will be a positive one! Our clients find comfort and peace of mind throughout our process and continually thank us by referring us to their family, friends and neighbors.

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