I’m Don Kapper, and I’ve been a field supervisor here since 2002.

To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about being interviewed about “exceeding expectations” because it’s such a simple concept: Do everything you promise and then add one little touch that the customer isn’t expecting.

I always call the customer each morning to let them know we’re on our way and to give them the time that we will be arriving. I make sure we leave each home clean each evening. I make sure our work areas are cleared of any tools, nails or anything else that could be a hazard to children or pets. Finally, I do very careful “final inspections” on each project, because I know that Mike (our President) will be coming right behind me, trying to find any little detail we may have missed.

Mike has set up our workflow in such a way that executing flawless projects almost becomes a “game”. Our workers know a supervisor will be inspecting their work and the supervisor knows that Mike will be giving it the final eye.

Our goal is to NEVER let the next person find a flaw in workmanship or cleanliness!

Naturally, when you have every OHI person looking for any little mistake, the odds of you—our customer—finding something is next to impossible.

Because our only goal is to keep growing our business on referrals and repeat business, we always go out of our way to make each customer a “raving fan” of Ohio Home Improvement!

Don Kapper