Why Ohio Home Improvement?

My name is Anthony, but everyone calls me “A. J.”

I’m really proud to share with you my thoughts about our wonderful company!

Our commitment to always going the extra inch for our customers comes directly from how our President, Mike, treats us. He calls us his “internal customers” and he treats us like family!

Prior to coming on board here, I worked for a subcontractor that went out of business. That was in 2009, and I’ve been happy ever since I started working here.

The way Mike treats us sets the example for how we treat our customers. In 2012, I broke my neck in an accident and was off work for an extended period of time. Mike continued to pay me (even though he didn’t have to) to ensure I didn’t dig a financial hole for my family!

Mike constantly pushes us on our personal development because he wants us to be prepared to keep moving up within the company. He puts our success above his own and he truly cares about our families and us. Recently, I was able to buy my first home and was truly excited to make Mike the first person we invited to our housewarming party.

I get true enjoyment of being able to “pay it forward” through service to our customers. I make sure that every last detail is tended to, I often stay late to personally communicate with the customer, I ensure each job site is safe and secure for children and pets, and I particularly like it when we’re invited back to do new projects because I enjoy seeing our old handiwork again!

Another thing I’m proud of is working with people like Don. Don is our senior supervisor and my mentor. He’s the one who taught me to inspect all others areas of the home and to make minor repairs for the customers even without being asked. He showed me how to clean up our job sites, how to inspect our work for even the most minor details and how to be very, very polite to our customers and their families.

So, when our marketing company asked to interview me for this part of the web site, I jumped at the opportunity! Words alone can’t begin to express how grateful I am to work with people who truly care about each other, our customers and our community.

I sure hope if you are reading this that you decide to hire us for your next project, because I can’t wait to exceed your expectations!

Anthony “A. J.” Rians